• T – Shirt (White)

    Beautiful white cotton T-shirt with characters on the front together with #itscooltobekind motto beneath them. Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat written in an arch across the upper back of the T-shirt.


  • New! Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat pen

    Beautiful Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat pen, with character logo and #itscooltobekind logo.  White barrel with chrome trim, smooth metallic red, rubberised enlarged grip for easy use for both children and adults, quality black ink.


  • New! Book Bag

    Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat woven book bag.  Henry & Henrietta character images and #itscooltobekind logo on the front. Quality drawstring mechanism for easy opening and closing, 12 litres holding capacity, 100% cotton.


  • New! Pencil Case

    Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat pencil case.  Easy lower front opening so everything doesn’t roll out! Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat logo on front, Character images and #itscooltobekind motto.  Great choice!


  • New! Keyring

    Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat keyring. White solid plastic, heart shaped keyring with Henry & Henrietta character images on one side and #itscooltobekind logo on the reverse.


  • New! Notepad

    Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat notepad.  Henry & Henrietta character images and #itscooltobekind logo on cover, lined white paper inside ideal for learning to write.


  • New! Pencil

    Simple lead pencil, premium quality with Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat logo, characters and #itscooltobekind motto at one end. Kids love them!


  • New! Meet Henry Heartbeat

    COMING SOON – Release date February 28th 2019

    Hello! I’m Henry Heartbeat. Let me introduce myself and show you how I wake up happy, with my arms to the sky, I stretch, smile as if I could fly. I stay positive throughout the day, I know it’s by far the best way. My joy is contagious and spreads far, I make people happy wherever we are! Football is my passion, I love to play a game, team sports are my favourite, I love them all the same.  So lets get together and have some fun, our journey has just begun. You’ll see how I live, how I play and how I like to start each day, how I care and how I share and spread happiness everywhere.  There will be lots more stories coming to you, so you can live this way too.


  • Meet Henrietta Heartbeat

    Hello! I’m Henrietta Heartbeat. Let me introduce myself and show you how I rise and shine with a smile, dance and sing with a grin, always try to be happy and always try to be kind.  You’ll see how I live, how I play and how I like to start each day. Dancing is my hobby, I love to learn new moves, the music really gets me going, right into the groove. So lets get going and look inside, and see all the lovely things we find.  There will be lots more stories to share with you, to help you live this way too. I’m grateful for everything and thankful for the life I’m in. I love to dance, I love to play, I love all people in every way.  I always help and always listen, I love the world and my kitten.


It's cool to be kind